Frequently Questions

Mining Dogecoin is a company dedicated to creating passive income to its users through the purchase of plans in dogecoin.
The deposit methods in Mining Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency dogecoin.
Payments are made automatically to your wallet within 24 hours of confirmed order, and is paid in the crypto currency dogecoin.
Each plan lasts approximately 6 to 8 months, generating profits of 1% per day, the plan ends when a maximum amount of 200% of the purchased plan is reached.
Mining Dogecoin invests a percentage of the total profits every 24 hours in different companies achieving axial diversification of our portfolio, the May percentage is focused on the automatic bots of Trading and arbitrations in cryptocurrencies, we also perform Manual Trading in certain cryptocurrencies.
Every so often or sum of cryptocurrencies are automatically sent by our systems to cold wallets located in different parts of the world, thus reducing the probability of loss or theft.
The minimum amount to deposit is 100 DOGECOIN
The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 DOGECOIN
The benefit of joining Mining-Dogecoin is that you could earn 10% of the deposits in dogecoin for each referral.
The ads shown in Mining-Dogecoin.com, is a beta function.

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You can configure your wallet, when you reach the minimum of 100 Dogecoin withdrawal.
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You can contact us by filling any form available on our website at support page or you can mail at Contact.